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There are probably many answers but I’ll give  Wolf the chain on my mood swing just snapped run shirt you mine. A wizard is a man who explores the craft of magic, the ways of animals, plants, stones, stars, wind, and water; who walks between the physical and spiritual worlds through meditation and magic conducted while in a light or heavy trance state; and as he develops his craft primarily in solitude but for the companionship of the Universe, he comes – in a characteristically male way – to grow in confidence as in competence; in authority as in ability; and in strength as in skill. Although men who follow Wicca are advised that they are witches same as the women, I find too many differences between the genders to ignore. I do not want to be considered sexist, but since you asked – and at the risk of invoking some stereotypes – men like projects, tools, and tinkering; they like figuring out the technical reasons why things work; they’re often content, even absorbed, working alone. Men want respect and admiration; they want to be strong; and they want to be captain of the ship. They’re often found outdoors, where the hardships, inconveniences, and even dangers are opportunities to prove themselves. They see beauty in stars, but they see constellations too, and they learn how to find their way by them. When they gather, it’s often as teens gather with skateboards, to compete; to show off; and to find their place in the tribe. Women, to the same degree of generality, are social; they gather in groups and talk for hours, and usually about people, not things. They operate and communicate at more than one level; what they say is not always what they mean. The verbal sophistication and skill with gestures and symbolism are assets in magic, as in life; these things are for the women what the tinkering and the relentless examination of the meaning of things are for men. They rarely admit to wanting to be in charge, but often they actually do, and will use passive-aggressive means to advance themselves in a group. They love nature, but more selectively and from a distance chosen for comfort and safety; the witch today is usually a kitchen witch. That’s all fine, but it’s a different perspective based in a different world view. Different enough, in my opinion, to need another word.

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