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First day: My daughter comes home after  Unicorn wait what I have an attitude no really who knew shirt school and tells me that the first thing her teacher did was have all the kids place all their “required” items in the middle of the floor and the teacher then divided everything equally, so that nearly half of my child’s supplies went to other students whose parents had not sent anything. Needless to say, I was miffed by this. Suffice to say I’d had other issues with this instructor and others in her “clique” at the school in the past. I was half expecting something like this to occur. Second day: I took the day off and went into school with my daughter. I sent her to class and went to the Principal’s office. I informed her that I was livid about what this teacher had done, and I demanded the return of the property I had purchased for my child, and I demanded a written apology from the instructor be sent out to all parents with an explanation of why what she had done was wrong. I insisted that this would happen or my next three phone calls would be to: 1. The local police to have the instructor brought up on charges of robbery; 2. The Superintendent of Schools to let them know I would be filing suit in civil court; 3. The local newspapers to ensure that there was media coverage of everything. Of course she initially didn’t take me seriously. She tried to brush me off claiming I was overreacting and that this was no big deal. So I called the police department and had a car dispatched. I held off on the other calls for the moment. Keep in mind that I come from a family of cops and at the time was Safety Commissioner of the City this occurred in. I knew most of the cops in the city. When the officer arrived and I explained the situation, she turned to the Principal and explained that this was not a “petty theft” issue at worst (as the Principal had been asserting). Almost quoting from the statute she said something like: robbery, in contrast to theft, is a taking of property that does involve person-to-person interaction with force, intimidation, and/or coercion. That robbery of any amount was considered a felony and that the principal could be considered an accessory after the fact if I chose to press charges.

Unicorn wait what I have an attitude no really who knew shirt

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