Raccoon let’s eat trash get hit by a car vintage shirt

Congress has many experienced lawyers who can make black paper in to white. They can prove Hardik innocent, there were no property damages. No harm was undertaken public property was not destroyed or vandalized. Enter the realm where ‘knowing she/yit’ is horribly antiquated. “Understanding” digs a hole in the dirt and buries knowledge beyond forever. Understanding instead kicks it’s arse into the dug hole . . . and Rauch HaKodesh becomes the only teacher authorized to give you the understanding of the question you ask. All good. Absolute. Absolute Beauty. Absolute Goodness. Absolute Morality. Absolute Knowledge. Absolute Power. Nothing relative. Every judgement, every comparison is based on one absolute standard. That absolute standard is the foundation of reality. The foundation cannot be relative, it must be absolute. Based on one absolute, you can have many relative things, but the origin of everything must be absolutely perfect. It must be be without faults caused by human frailness and imperfection. It must be without duality.

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