Peace love Friday Jason Voorhees face shirt

Take your time in school to figure out what other lessons you can draw from your bad experiences to improve your future- and then leave the bad decisions in the past and move forward. 4) Work hard on filling your life with people who will help you focus on the good and the future, and not ones who will keep bringing up the junk of the past. As a pastor- I would also advise that you consider building a relationship with God if you don’t have one. If you already have one, focus on finding a church that will surround you with positive believers who will help you move forward and gain peace about your past. So in that sense none of us will live in complete normality until we are with God in heaven or on the new earth. It is only when we are free from the constant present of evil that we can live in true normality. The only normal humans are the ones who have made their peace with God through Jesus Christ.

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