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As the year progressed, these teachers’ behavior became more erratic. She started bringing her dogs to school with her. She would randomly start yelling at kids in the class to stop goofing off and behave themselves when they were not doing anything at all, and other weird behaviors that we kids thought was odd but, didn’t know enough to understand it. And as the year continued, the amount of “lost” homework started to grow. About halfway through the school year, my parents began to realize that something was off but, had no proof. When they approached the principal and administrative staff they were told, repeatedly, that this teacher was a great teacher with an impeccable history with her students Six weeks before the end of the school year, this teacher was suddenly gone. We came into class one day in the middle of the week and we just had a new teacher. That was when the truth came out…the teacher that had been “losing” our homework was a high functioning alcoholic. The administration had been investigating her all year but had been unable to prove this until they caught her drinking at school. Needless to say, my parents felt terrible about the whole situation and spent a lot of time apologizing to me for failing to believe me and for taking the word of the teacher and staff over mine. To my parent’s credit, they never did that again. If I had issues with a teacher, they very carefully listened to me and backed me every time after. Fortunately, I never had another teacher like that again. There are moments where one can see another person’s future. This was one of them. O’Donnell marveled as Reid took him through the crime scene. She had pieced every moment together by studying the public records, breaking down everything at every physical point from that night in February. She explained where each moment of the deadly confrontation occurred. She brought the killing away from the abstract. To the viewer, this was now real. It was like a full courtroom presentation by a seasoned trial lawyer going through every possible aspect of the evidence as we knew it at that point,” O’Donnell says. “Just the thoroughness, the 100% grasp of every detail was something that is fairly rare. It really was the kind of skills that I normally expect to find in courtrooms and not really in other places.

I'm a Bodhran Player I solve problems you don't know you have in ways you can't understand shirt

I have to thank my boyfriend for helping me, he’s made me see how my family really is because I keep trying to believe they aren’t like that; I’ve grown used to it for so long. I was surprised he told me he has family dinners and actually has family time with them. I get to stay up late hours and eat at any time. He helped put a schedule together for me; it reminds me at what times to eat and drink. I get three meals and three snacks a day. I used to not eat enough throughout the day and gorge later that night. Or I’d eat too much in one sitting and not eat a lot because I felt bad about it. My body has finally adjusted to this schedule and I feel so much better about myself. I love the body I am because my boyfriend made me see who I really am- I’m not just flesh and bone. I’m unique, talented, caring, loving, patient, and determined to make a change. A few minutes later, the sheriff called. It took a while to get the whole story, but we eventually found out that my dad’s friend, Bill, was found in his vacation home. He had been shot and stabbed and was taken to the hospital. He never regained consciousness. His long time girlfriend was also found, dead at the scene from multiple stab and gunshot wounds. The reason the sheriff needed to speak to my dad was about a phone call Bill made before he called 911. He called my parent’s house, and the call was long enough, they believed he left a message. My dad told the sheriff the security code so he and his team could retrieve the message. They made a copy of every message but left the machine at the house. Over the next few days, my parents talked to mutual friends trying to get the whole story. They drove home at the designated date and my mom went in to listen to (and erase) the message. I’m sure the sheriff’s department was hoping Bill would name his attacker. According to the trial, he was attacked while asleep on the couch, so he may not have ever seen the person. He was taken off life support by his daughter, using a forged power of attorney. She was originally arrested for “murder by forgery,” which garnered national attention. My parents were interviewed by People and 48 Hours. By the time it went to trial, they had changed the theory of the murders. She was tried for being the assailant and was acquitted. I don’t know if she did it or not, a lot of people have theories. Bill was not well-liked by most accounts, although I only ever heard nice things about Sharon. I am very glad my parents were out of town. We don’t know why Bill called their house. He lived many miles away.

I'm a Bodhran Player I solve problems you don't know you have in ways you can't understand s hoodie

Then the fun part, where I realized that half of my family is crazy; I got kicked out… for asking to have one more day in the week to spend with my mom. My dad was dating this lady (and currently married to) who wanted nothing to do with us. She tried to get along with us and acted nice in the beginning, but the minute she moved in, she thought she was entitled to boss us around, yell at us worse than my father (if that’s even possible), and never be the victim- even if she was clearly in the wrong. She doesn’t like being told what to do my children, especially when it comes to taking care of my sister (which she is now my responsibility because “I’m better with her” and “She’ll yell at me if I tell her what to do!”. You don’t have to tell her- you can talk to her like a normal human being. I used to give her a suggestion and she would flip out. I didn’t tell my dad because he was with this woman so I assumed he didn’t care; the only thing he was after was her money- the same thing goes for her too. I already knew how my dad treated us, his current wife, and my mom wasnt normal. However, how my mom treats me now isn’t normal either; and I’ve realized this just recently. Ever since she got married and became a trainer at a gym, she’s changed. Her whole attitude changed. She used to be the fun, stay-at-home mom who did everything for us, but is saying she doesn’t have the patience for any of us- including my sister, who needs it the most. She always has something to say about what I’m doing wrong, how I don’t look good because of my weight; she lost a lot of weight and felt good about her self. She gained a little back because of quarantine and beats herself up about it. Now, she’s back to feeling bad about herself and thinks that she just has to lose weight to feel better about herself. I’m focused on my health. Yeah, I’m a bit big for my age but I’ve grown to love my body because it’s not just fat; I do have muscle underneath my thickness. I’ve always felt bad about my looks because my mom told me it wasn’t normal or healthy for me, based on her standards of healthy. What she’s doing isn’t healthy; sometimes she doesn’t eat enough. She cuts out too many things when you have to have a balance of everything. And she works at a gym!

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