My office hours and from 9 to 5 Big Red shirt

My office hours and from 9 to 5 Big Red shirt

In the third episode of The My office hours and from 9 to 5 Big Red shirt Mandalorian, Dr Pershing was seen attempting to extract something from the child, which makes me wonder if it could be related to his species powerful affinity with the force, as seen with Yoda, Yaddle and now Baby Yoda. Maybe the doctor was even trying to find a way to directly extract the child’s Midichlorians. While I don’t know for sure yet, it seems decently plausible. Also, Midichlorians will die if the body it inhabits also dies, much like regular parts of a cell, so the fact that Moff Gideon wants the child alive increases the chance that he is after the child’s Midichlorians

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My office hours and from 9 to 5 Big Red shirt

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Usually, the hero has no interest in the chilD My office hours and from 9 to 5 Big Red shirt Often represents an innocence they themselves once had but lost, and because of that, they want to do whatever it takes to protect that child and the child’s innocence. Over time they form a bond but in the end, they’ll have to be parted because the hero knows that the longer the child remains in his presence the greater the chance that their innocence will be lost. One of the biggest influences on Star Wars is Western films and “Baby Yoda” is drawn from a classic Western trope. In this trope, the gritty, ner-do-well, hyper-violent anti-hero is paired up with an innocent child. You see this in films like Shane.

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