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And that comes to the very crux of the matter. The whole jazz around political correctness is to justify awful opinions. Trump did it with his political campaign, Shane Gillis (comedian) did it to try to justify his ‘h i l a r i o u s’ jokes (please don’t look at them, don’t do it to yourself). Political correctness with this serves as a barrier for whatever crappy opinions they may have. And thus serves to change goal posts for whatever they need to vilify. Sure. You can argue that some people on the left take it ‘too far’. They really criticise and stop you from speaking ‘too much’. Those are real awful outliers… Especially when you compare it to the mass shooting from extreme right wingers… constantly foul mood, always making cutting, snide remarks about each student’s lack of intelligence while they attempted to solve problems or work through theorems and equations. She’d scream at students, her shrill voice echoing against the walls, loud enough to hurt your ears if you were close to her. Her obvious goal was to shame and hurt everyone she was charged with teaching.

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One remarkable day, however, what began innocently turned into something far worse. I cannot remember what the actual lesson was (this was more than 50 years ago, after all), but I remember the effect it had on me. She’d asked the question, “How many square feet are there in a square yard?” and chosen one of the best students in the class to answer. Carol stood next to her desk, and then hesitated. That was all it took. I watched as the teacher’s face reddened, the veins in her neck popped up, her eyes narrowed and the corners of her mouth turned down. She shouted, “Are you deaf?? Answer the question!!!” and rapped the stick she was holding down hard on the large, wheeled workstation she sat behind. She screamed, “ANSWER ME!!!! NOW!!!”

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