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The character of Miss Hardbroom is often compared to Professor Snape as they are both strict teachers who appear to dislike the Mickey mouse flower Disnerd shirt Additionally,I will love this main character whilst favouring the bully. In Miss Hardbroom’s defence, it isn’t exactly that she dislikes Mildred she simply has no patience for her antics or mistakes and as later books show Mildred is perfectly capable of excelling with a bit of hard work, whereas Ethel is extremely academically gifted and receives top marks in all of her subjects. It’s only in the last book that Miss Hardbroom refers to Ethel’s family background when it comes to trying to choose the new headgirl. Another difference is that there isn’t one ongoing plot throughout the Worst Witch series, there are lots of little plots which are loosely connected to one another and often the climax is unexpected, such as in the first book where it wasn’t even hinted at and there was no build up to it.

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