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Of course regrets—real or potential—are the last things anyone should have when binding oneself to a form of indelible body art, but Ephemeral Tattoo confidently delivers on its tagline with a revolutionary proprietary ink that naturally fades in a year’s time.

Mens Fathers Day Shirt

“These are real tattoos, applied by real tattoo artists. The tattoos aren’t topically applied. They’re not longer-lasting sticker tattoos,” explains cofounder Josh Sakhai. In other words, the only difference is the permanence. Sakhai and his cofounders, two of whom are chemical engineers, spent six years trialing more than 50 different formulations—and count more than than 100 Ephemeral tattoos between them—to develop a medical-grade, biocompatible ink that’s designed to break down and safely absorb into the body in the span of 9 to 15 months.

Mens Fathers Day Shirt hoodie

For Sakhai, who currently has 11 tattoos by Ephemeral, his own prior resistance to permanent skin art stemmed from similar reasons as mine, loosely compounded by religious constraints and his conservative upbringing. Tattoo removal, though accessible enough, still has its disadvantages, namely the cost and number of sessions required as well as the possibility of permanently damaging the skin. Sakhai told me that he and his cofounders didn’t want to ever pursue that path. They hatched Ephemeral “to give people the freedom to express themselves without constraints—from the onset,” he says.

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