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If anyone needs a good example of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Best Dad Ever Shirt so you should to go to store and get this state of the American education system its right here. What could you do to boost the economy or better your life with a million bucks? Only 320 million people in America, every person could have been given a million bucks. Only Republican sycophants would back a fake billionaire who spends their money golfing and campaigning. Only Trump could rile up Democrats to spend over a billion dollars to beat him and the race hasn’t even started yet.

Now that he is out of the LGBT rainbow shark trollz shirt Besides,I will do this race you can bet he will heavily finance those running against him. I hope they will continue to play in the political sandbox for the blue team. Bernie is losing support maybe he will be the hypocrite he always has been and takes your money now. Hmmmmm I guess people are not as enamored with billionaires as we let them think. I pray that they continue to the democratic elective to bring our country together. Alot of people complain about millionaires spending their own money on campaigns, but they dont complain when others wannabe millionaires wastes our tax money in their own favor and senseless vacations. Biden is the one buying the election and all the other candidates toppling like dominoes to support him proves itIs that why Biden spent so little money on super Tuesday compared to Sanders and Bloomberg.

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