Kaws and Joker haha shirt

Kaws and Joker haha shirt

I got pecked by a Chicken Kaws and Joker haha shirt In the Country U get Eggs in the bushes I liked that But u Stay Away From Chickens no pets They Can peck ur Eyesout We Never Played With Chickens Or Pogs or cows they Were For To Feed Us and Give Us Milk For Courtland Cream For Our Irish Scones Or Butter For our Bread. They can get mean and bite and claw at you they say there really good as back yard pets for protection. We had one that decided to go after me when I was in irrigation boots. As soon as I realized it, I tried to kick him and slipped…. had to call on my cell phone to get help to get up. Ended up on crutches. Never again will let someone tell me to go in the hen house to get the egg, my Grandmother told me to do that never, never never will I do that again, I got bet up by some damn chicken she can go get her on eggs.

Kaws and Joker haha shirt, sweater, hoodie, and v-neck t-shirt

Kaws and Joker haha Hoodie

Kaws and Joker haha Sweater

Kaws and Joker haha V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt

Best Kaws and Joker haha shirt

Would anyone like to join me for some Kaws and Joker haha shirt chicken meal Popeye’s KFC churches have some chicken soup I feel like chicken tonight? Does Ben remember when damn Turkey used to chase him when he lived in Cairns (but he wasn’t scared)? Watch out they can really hurt you , we have. Many range chickens here. If they have baby chicks they mean business. I have also seen my cousins little boy that wasn’t doing anything , being attacked by a rooster, his face was really scratched up before we could get to him . Most animals have the instinct to protect their young and will. We had a range hen that had babies , went to see them and she jumped up at me over and over, didn’t want me around her young . Stay away be safe.

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