John Lennon imagine shirt

John Lennon imagine shirt

I wish clay would have taken his John Lennon imagine shirt helmet and his pads off drop them in the middle of the field and retired right then and there, why not if you can’t play he might as well retire. Really disappointed by the slow starts by the offense, game after game. It would be nice to play with the lead for a change. I can not believe the Call on Mathews but no call on Rodgers. This needs to be handled, this is clearly BS and the Packers are getting Ripped off by referees. This is BS. Boy, I know there was a lot of mistakes that contributed to this loss, but geez that stupid call against Matthews is just unbelievable. And it’s unfortunate that the “shield” has too much pride in their decisions of rules to change it immediately.

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John Lennon imagine Sweater

John Lennon imagine V-neck T-shirt
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Every other sport does it, why not ours? John Lennon imagine shirt Matthews works his tail off and it’s like he’s getting slapped in the face. Get em next week Pack. Go Pack Goes! Wow…I’m thinking the NFL should just pass out flags for all of the QB’s so they won’t get hurt. Two hand touch might be a little rough for them. What a joke!!

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