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A big example: INFPs hate being criticized even when meant to be for positive growth. Here’s the thing, people think this means they can’t take criticism or deal with confrontation and that they’re scared little 4 year olds running away from life, but it’s quite the opposite actually. INFPs love to hear criticism. But something to keep in mind is they can see right through you; so when they sense your criticism is coming from a self-righteous and arrogant perspective and spoken as if a subjective opinion is a stone-cold absolutely objective fact, while also claiming it’s meant to be taken positive when you’re really just trying to get your ego boost for the day by putting someone down but in a way that allows you to sleep at night thinking you’re a nice person, then an INFP is going to have a problem with your criticism. There are plenty of bad reasons people give criticism, and sadly more often than not, people criticize for a bad reason. I could actually make a very large list of awful reasons people criticize people while thinking they’re being polite when in fact they are not. But I don’t want to dwell on one little thing. So Anyways…

If I knew your native language maybe I could ascertain the meaning more closely. My answer is just a guess but I had to say “I was seeing you…” is not common because the verb “see” is usually not used in the past progressive tense unless referring to two people dating. I deduced you were not dating the person from the usage of the word “there”. It seems to me the phrase “never mind” was written to transmit the idea of not bothering to acknowledge your presense.

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