I’m Mr Technical and you’re not shirt

I’m Mr Technical and you’re not shirt

In her view, the image of the old I’m Mr Technical and you’re not shirt lady who was fishing quickly became clear. TuTu is a close neighbor next to my house. Perhaps because it was cool today, the old man took the fishing rod out. Beneath the large banyan tree, cavalier, calmly sitting on a wooden chair. His back was not neat, straight but slightly bent. But the age of sixty still does not lose the gentleness, simplicity, and wisdom rare in particular. The silver hair was covered by a wide-brimmed hat, and the straps were carefully placed under the chin after the long, silvery beard. The hat made Mr. Tu look like an experienced fisherman on the sunny and windy seas. He wore a simple brown cloth suit and rubber sandals that had been removed to the side.

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I’m Mr Technical and you’re not shirt

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Fishing cannot be rushed, so I’m Mr Technical and you’re not shirt is leisurely and calm. His eyes stared intently at the fishing line. The peaceful lake surface rippled, a few breeze blew through the bamboo leaf swing and then landed in the water. The fishing rod still doesn’t move. His expression was still calm without a hint of frustration, one hand holding a fishing rod, the other occasionally stroking his long beard, sometimes hold a cup of tea next to you, sip. Sometimes, I saw the old man gently pulling his hand, and the fishing rod was also slightly twitching. Then he kept his fishing rod like that. Looking at her leisurely, appealing demeanor, the feeling of waiting was not as uncomfortable as usual.

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