I am Who I Am and IDGAF If You Like Me shirt

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You want to know an easy way to change your  I am Who I Am and IDGAF If You Like Me shirt terrible, hurtful and dishonest behavior and even more pathetic, you want the easiest way to be spoon fed to you by strangers. Time for you to start taking personal responsibility. Stop giving yourself excuses for your actions and forgiving yourself for the harm you cause other people You might have the abstract desire to change your life, but you need to have drive and an internal motivation to do so. Here’s a few easy ways for you start to see yourself for who you really are and changing the things that need changing Apologize to people you’ve stolen from, not by giving them another whiny, bullshitty (a word because I say it is) apology but by replacing the thing you’ve stolen from them Take the excuse that “you can’t control yourself” and realize that controlling yourself is exactly what you’ve been doing all along- just in the most selfish and self serving ways possible. Accept it or change it. You and only you control your actions. Don’t believe me, concentrate on having me walk over to your house and give you a dollar Finally, you may want to just accept who you are and be good with it because the only thing worse than a liar, thief and cheater is a whining liar, thief and cheater One last last word: Nobody who fools people fools them forever. The hurt that you bring to the world changes yours and limits you in ways you will never even consider. No amount of bullshitting or pretending can stop you from missing opportunities and experiences that you would have if you behaved differently.

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