Harley Quinn Daddy’s Lil Monster ha ha ha shirt

Or do you have a faint memory of it and while you were excelling at taking tests a lot of the Harley Quinn Daddy’s Lil Monster ha ha ha shirt Also,I will get this people weren’t paying attention. $700 million washed down the drain, and he got nothing for it but the nickname Mini Mike, and the complete destruction of his reputation. Instead, they wasted it on TV adds the way Trump wasted Billions of Dollars in Bankruptcy on his Casino. After all, in their eyes, wealth is only evil if it’s accumulated by conservatives. And libs will make endless excuses as to why big money in campaigns is suddenly ok again. Since Citizens United, the dems have to fight fire with fire until they have enough votes to repeal or institute transparency. The money that funds campaigns is not usually from a broad spectrum notwithstanding Bernie’s solid base of 200K voters. 3 4 of a billion could have fed a few people, bought some school supplies, fixed up some low-income properties. Think of all the Harley Quinn Daddy’s Lil Monster ha ha ha shirt Also,I will get this homeless and rehab facilities they could have helped instead with all that money. These are true Patriots Boy there’s a lot of folks with great ideas on how Steyer or Bloomberg could spend their money. There would have been better off buying a charismatic politician who would have done their bidding, you know like normal billionaires do it. They could have just paid off a huge chunk of student loan debt or something else and they would have been elevated to the status of heroes. 

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