George Floyd Black Lives Matter Shirt


Oh, I forgot to mention, many of these states George  George Floyd Black Lives Matter Shirt Floyd #justiceforfloyd black lives matter shirt  and cities are going broke with coronavirus treatments and won’t have money to rebuild these cities you’re destroying and if Trump gets re-elected don’t expect endless unemployment. Even if he loses, the business you burned to the ground can’t employ you. You’ll really be out of luck then. Both the Democrats and Republicans will continue to just cut taxes for the wealthiest, give them another multi-trillion stimulus, and let you starve. There are many Blacks doing the rioting, stealing, and burning. Also, it looks like there are professional rioters, like Antifa, and university students participating. This happens when a Black is killed by a policeman. Blacks like to riot, loot and burn, and the major and governor don’t do much about it because they are afraid that they might suffer politically.

George Floyd Black Lives Matter Shirt

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