Free-ish since 1865 vintage shirt

When people meet me, they automatically assume that I am a Democrat. That means that I am blind to other ways of political thinking. It’s really sad to be stuck as only being seen as a liberal. When I finally respond that I am an independent conservative, most people don’t know what to say to me. I no longer fit the predetermined narrative that they have created for me in their mind. I just smile. In public, people usually see me as only a Black male. Being a Black male in America has plenty of negative stereotypes attached to it. So it’s fair to say I am seen as uneducated, poor, loose with my sperm, have multiple children whose names or ages I don’t know, evil, a goon, a thug, scary, illiterate, good for nothing and prone to violence and ignorance. It’s happened so often in my 38 years on this planet that I’ve been depicted this way without my input or consent. It’s not just exclusive to white people. I’ve also encountered this from Black Americans.See more:

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