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to get more shots into Americans’ arms, now comes the hard part: reaching audiences that weren’t as eager to get vaccinated in the past few months or who may not have had access to a shot. “We need to be … innovative around both culturally competent education and be thoughtful about where the holes are and where we can get shots in people’s arms,” infectious diseases expert Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis told over the weekend. Customers dine on an outdoor patio in New York on April 27, 2021 ‘Make it really easy’ to get vaccinated, doctor says New strategies to increase vaccinations must be tried, such as closing mass vaccination centers and distributing vaccine to more localized venues such as doctors’ offices, churches, schools and workplaces, Wen said. The government should “make it really easy” for people to get vaccinated, Wen said, especially Americans who aren’t really vaccine hesitant but just can’t find the time because of jobs and family responsibilities. Also, the social upside of vaccination should be emphasized. “I think we should do just like people did with vaccine selfies,” Wen said. “I think we need selfies of people now going to bars and restaurants with other vaccinated people to show what a return to 2019 pre-pandemic life could really look like.” One doctor told on Sunday he’s worried officials haven’t offered strong enough incentives for some Americans to get vaccinated — including younger Americans. Why so many people are skipping their second Covid shot — and why they shouldn’t “What I worry about mostly are the young people,” said Dr. Saju Mathew, a family medicine physician in Atlanta. “I see them every day, pretty

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Unicorn Gardening Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt

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