The Chicken Whisperer vintage shirt

The main drawback to this vehicle, besides the fact that it looks like a 2 yr old built it out of half melted legos, is that the interior is very cramped, and if you are over 6 ft tall, the seat has a tendency to crush your left testicle, and your knees end up under your chin. If you plan on driving this one, wear a steel cup , and be a healthy practitioner of yoga. The glove compartment also dispenses Dr Pepper and little bottles of Tabasco sauce from expired cases of MREs. The horn is equipped to play 3 tunes. The original sesame street song, the ants go marching, and I’m a little teapot. Some later models have the hokey pokey in place of little teapot. You can have this vehicle in any color you want ….as long as that color happens to be black. Not a vast array of color choices, but eh…nothing is perfect.

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The Chicken Whisperer vintage shirt

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The dimensions would be extra large for internal comfort. There would be room for my 6ft self to wear a big top hat and sit up straight and still not bump the roof. It would also be extra wide with extra wide and cushy seats. The rear bench / bed would be at least 8 ft or 2.5m long and would have a fold out to make it at least 5ft or 1.5m wide. The bench / bed will run with seats facing sideways along one side of the vehicle behind the front and passenger seats but before the engine which will be at the very back. There would also be a air-flush (not water) toilet like a airplane.  I’d of course have professional mechanics on retainer for it & a service package from the manufacturer as well for all manner of roadside assistance up to air-dropped private security evacuation if the vehicle was disabled, for a additional fee.

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