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I delight in reminding abusers of their powerlessness and when they respond with a threat, well-researched knowledge of their impotence and sad manly performance both in and out of bed deflates his ego and any courageous swelling he’s done to his personality or body. They share so much without even knowing it and fear being humiliated almost more than they fear for their own safety which is a convenient mix when trying to help women escape these men! I’ve never been content with simple victory and forgetting. I will be one of the faces they remember on their death bed in 30 years. That’s my goal. Whenever they think of revenge against the woman who left them, it’s my mocking smile they scuttle away with. I hope to one day make an army of women just like me so the next time a man lifts his hand to strike someone, he is chased and hounded by a million mocking smiles. What use is a physical, deadly, and costly war someone can surrender their way out of?

No, I’m content to wage battles in a wicked man’s mind. And I learned from the witch hunters who falsely accused women like me! This is my jam!! The pharmacist is the last check, ensuring the medication is safe for the person and is taken correctly. Because of this, they have the right, nay the responsibility, to refuse to dispense a drug is they feel there is a problem. Yes, your daughter can refuse to answer. But doing that would be foolish since the questions are about protecting her from harm. And if she does refuse, the pharmacist has every reason to not dispense the drug. When I had started a job working acute medicine we had to transfer patients up to other wards, and most of the time I would do it myself instead of waiting for a porter because it was just quicker.

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